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China Attesting Service - Attestation of Hong Kong Documents to be Used in Mainland China

Our China-Appointed Attesting Officer makes available China attesting service or China attestation service at the following attestation offices:
Office Hours:
10am-6pm (Weekdays). 10am-1pm (Sat).
Enquiry Email:   
Enquiry Tel: 91099999  or  65433333

There have been acts, matters and documents emenating from Hong Kong requiring trusted proofs in Mainland China. Notary Public in Hong Kong may notarise documents, matters and acts for use overseas, except in Mainland China. Documents, matters and acts of Hong Kong needed to be used in Mainland China require attestation, certification or witnessing by a China-appointed attesting officer. It is usually called "attesting" services instead of "notarial" services. Some may call it China "attestation" service.
We have two partners who are Hong Kong notaries (Thomas Tse and Charles Tse). We also have one lawyer (Ernest Tang) who is a China-appointed attesting officer appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice. Mr. Ernest Tang is therefore authorised to attest or certify acts, matters and documents with a legal meaning in Hong Kong for use in Mainland China i.e. China attesting or China attestation services on Hong Kong documents.

Our China-Appointed Attesting Officer is capable of preparing and attesting or attestation of, as the major examples:-
  • Declaration for an intended marriage (bachelor or spinster certificate) 
  • Declaration in support of an application of relatives for family reunion in Hong Kong 
  • Declaration for the succeeding or quiting inheritance of an estate 
  • Declaration for the adoption of children
  • Power of Attorney or Authorisation (in personal or corporate capacity) for civil or commercial purposes.
  • Appointing lawyers or legal representatives to conduct legal or other lawful proceedings
  • Appointing an agent or attorney for sale or purchase of properties
  • Certifying corporate particulars or personalities of Hong Kong companies
    • incorporation status
    • business registration particulars 
    • directors’ and/or shareholders’ resolutions
  • CEPA Certification: application for CEPA service provider certificate (under Annex 5).
China Attesting or China Attestation Service Enquiry Hotline 39689314 (Ceci Tse)
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Hong Kong Documents Attestation for Use in Mainland China

Document attestation is required if you want to present a Hong Kong legal document for use in Mainland China. Full content on this service:

This is to prove the authenticity and legality of certain acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring in or originating from Hong Kong. The purpose is to facilitate your civil and business activities in Mainland China.

The personal recognised to perform such formal function is called China-Appointed Attesting Officer. He will prepare and attest the documents for your use in Mainland China.

Types of  documents for China attestation may include:
  • Bank reference
  • Company Certificate of company particulars
  • Certificate of board resolution 
  • Letter of Certification for Hong Kong enterprises 
  • Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage and charge 
  • CEPA Certificate Documents used for commercial activities 
  • Personal Statement of marital relationship (marriage) 
  • Declaration for estate succession or renunciation of rights over assets in Mainland China
  • Declaration for child adoption 
  • Declaration for the application for immigration or visits to Hong Kong for the family members of Hong Kong residents 
  • Statement of financial conditions guarantee for studying abroad 
  • Power of attorney 
  • Deed of gift 
  • Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage or charge 
Attestation services can enable you your settlement, marriage, inheritance, adoption of children, other civil matters, or your investment and economic activities in Mainland China.
China attesting services can effectively protect your legal rights and interests in Mainland China.